What is it all about?

Q What do I get?

A 10 individual accessibility tips for your web project.

Q Yeah, but what exactly?

A We won’t bore you with „Mind your focus styles!“ (You do already mind your focus styles, don’t you?) Instead you’ll receive mindfully crafted hints on how you can improve your project for everyone. And we’re going to make those tips hot! We believe accessibility can be sexy. We’ll show you how to use the latest and greatest web technologies to push your website to 11.

Q And who would you be?

A All your a11y tips will be crafted and delivered to your inbox by @yatil and @ScreenOrigami, two a11y experts from Germany.

Q Sounds good! How does it work?

A Apply, pay via PayPal, and we’ll get back to you with your 10 tips in three business days or less.

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